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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ contains answers to commonly asked questions. If you have a question, we recommend that you read through the questions to see if it can be answered here.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to contact our help desk at 780-449-5545 or toll-free at 1-888-449-5545

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What is CQ Network?

CQ Network is an information technology company that specializes in management of contractor prequalification data via an online database known as CQ Network. CQ Network also has evaluation and audit services that ensure the integrity of our data. CQ Network operates on a template system that allows subscribers to select a questionnaire specific to their business operation. The questionnaire templates incorporate the requirements of the Construction Owners Association of Alberta, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, and many major Canadian corporations. Subscribers to CQ Network pay an annual subscription fee.

Is there technical support available to help subscribers?

Yes, CQ Network operates a help desk to answer both technical and content questions. Contact the help desk at 780-449-5545 or toll-free at 1-888-449-5545.

If a subscriber registers with CQ Network in order to work with us, will they have to register a second time to do business with another owner?

No, a company only needs to register one time. Once registered, the subscriber can release their online profile to any other subscriber they choose. There is no limit to the number of subscribers to whom a subscriber can release their online profile. The annual subscription fee allows full access to all features of the database and website. There are no additional users fees or hidden charges.

As a Contractor, what are the benefits of subscribing to the CQ Network database?

The primary benefit is a big reduction in administrative time. By posting your prequalification information online where it is accessible to all of your clients, you no longer have to complete your prequalification on paper and send it to each individual client or potential client. The other benefit is the use of the Contractor Management functions of CQ Network that provide a turnkey contractor management evaluation and management process.

It seems that most clients to whom we bid request copies of our HSE manual and similar documentation. How does your service help?

CQ Network provides a single location for all prequalification information and documentation. Subscribers send their documentation to us and we post it electronically to their profile on the database. Our subscribers no longer have to photocopy documents to send to each client, thereby saving even more administrative time and cost.

I am concerned about the security of our company information. Is it secure? How can I be sure that my competitor will not have access to our data?

CQ Network uses 128-bit encryption, the same security technology as online marketing, banking, healthcare, and other services. This means that your data has the same protection as your online bank account.

Subscribers wishing to view your information will be provided with the e-mail address of your account administrator from whom a formal information release can be requested. No one can view your information without authorization from your account administrator.

CQ Network does not sell, market, trade, or license data stored on the database for any purpose.

Would we be advised if there were a security breach of the CQ Network database

Yes, CQ Network would advise any subscriber affected by a security breach. Further, CQ Network would take whatever steps possible to recover any data that had been lost and conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the security breach. If there was evidence of illegal activity, CQ Network will immediately advise and involve the appropriate authorities.

Clients are asking for more quality control related information than ever before. Does the CQ Network format accommodate these requirements?

Yes. CQ Network currently includes the most common questions asked by Owners, EPCM Companies and General Contractors. CQ Network considers all suggestions for additions to CQ Network.

What standards have been used for the prequalification questionnaires?

CQ Network used the Construction Owners Association of Alberta's Guide to Contractor Management and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Contractor Health, Safety and Environment Prequalification as the base documents. Additionally, questionnaires from a wide range of industries, owners, EPCM firms, and others were used.

Do the questionnaires meet the requirements of the major owners in Oil & Gas and Construction?

With few exceptions the questionnaires meet the requirements of the major owners and EPCM companies.

Does the data input have to be done online? Can we send in a hard copy for uploading to the database?

CQ Network is specifically set up for online data input. If a subscriber is not able to effectively manage data input there are two options:

  1. the subscriber can contact CQ Network's help desk, or
  2. the subscriber can complete a paper submittal and CQ Network's staff will enter the information to the database.
There are a lot of questions on the Comprehensive Contractor's template. Do I have to complete every question?

No. While it is recommended that each question be answered, it is not mandatory. Please note, however, that the evaluation of your submittal by a client, potential client, or CQ Network may be negatively impacted due to incomplete information.

What should we do if there are questions that don't apply to our operation?

Simply mark 'N/A' or leave blank those sections of the questionnaire that are not applicable. There is an 'Additional Information' text box at the end of the questionnaire that allows you to post clarifications regarding their online submittal.

Are there any mandatory fields on the questionnaires?

Yes, the following fields on the questionnaire are mandatory:

  • Prequalification completed by
  • Company name, mailing and street address, telephone number
  • Primary and secondary contact
  • Insurance policy limits
  • WCB / WSIB data for the last three years (Account Number, Industry Code, Industry Rate and Contractor Rate)
  • Industrial relations
  • HSE Statistics for the last three years
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Certificate of Recognition status
Who owns the data?

Each subscriber owns and is in complete control of distribution of their data. Think of CQ Network as an information storage facility. We provide the means to store and distribute your prequalification data and documents. You are in control of what information gets stored and to whom it gets distributed.

My company would like to include information in addition to the questions asked by CQ Network. Is there a way to provide this information?

Yes, by either using the 'Additional Information' text box at the end of the questionnaire or by submitting additional documentation to CQ Network, which will be posted with the supporting documentation.

How long does it take for a subscriber to create their profile and complete the questionnaire?

Once the required information has been compiled, input can be done within two hours. We recommend that subscribers first review a hard copy (printed) version of their questionnaire to become familiar with the content before starting input to the database.

Our company would like to have different questions and different templates on the database. Will you work with subscribers to add new items to the database?

Yes. The existing templates are based on generic prequalification formats used in major industries and include questions required by most owners and large employers. CQ Network considers all requests to make CQ Network better. Submit requests to or by calling the help desk at 780-449-5545 or toll-free at 1-888-449-5545.

Is there a mandatory document submittal?

Yes, the following documents are mandatory:

  • CQ Network User Agreement
  • Corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Manual
  • WCB / WSIB release letter
  • WCB Premium Rate Statement for the current or last year
  • General Liability Insurance Certificate (minimum $2 million)
  • Automotive Liability Insurance Certificate (minimum $2 million)
What is the prequalification evaluation based on?

Because the evaluation service provided by CQ Network is designed to be applicable to a broad range of industries, the evaluation looks at the major sections of health, safety and environmental legislation, and industry best practices that all employers must comply with.

Is the prequalification evaluation a duplication of the COR (Certificate of Recognition) audit?

No. The prequalification evaluation is not an 'audit' process. An audit requires visiting the organizations home / regional office or field operations, conducting a significant number of interviews with company personnel and series of detailed document checks. The CQ Network evaluation is a detailed assessment of a subscriber's online questionnaire and supporting documentation only and does not involve an office / field visit or interviews.

Can we add our prequalification information to CQ Network before releasing it to other subscribers?


Is our prequalification submittal subject to audit?

Yes. CQ Network maintains a 5% audit threshold to ensure the integrity of CQ Network data and to protect our subscribers. Audits are only conducted with subscriber's agreement and cooperation.

Are there other circumstances where our company might be subject to an audit?

Yes. Your client or a potential client may request an audit of your prequalification submittal. Again, your agreement and cooperation are required for this to take place.

Who sees the results of the audit?

If CQ Network performs the audit as part of our quality control program, only you will see the audit report. If your client has requested that an audit be done, the report will be issued to you and your client. You may choose to attach your audit results to your online profile.

I would like to know which other subscribers have reviewed our company's information. Does CQ Network have a feature that will produce this kind of information?

No. The security of our subscriber's prequalification data is extremely important to us. Likewise, the viewing of contractor prequalification data by an authorized subscriber is considered confidential.

Can we use CQ Network to manage our subcontractors?

Yes, effective July 15, 2005, CQ Network introduced a suite of new contractor management tools that allow subscribers to conduct customized evaluations, performance reviews and benchmarking of their subcontractors. The new tools also allow management of approved supplier / vendor / contractor lists and their approval histories. There are no additional costs to use the Contractor Management tools.

As an owner organization, our company has many people and departments that have a need to view contractor information online. Is there a limit to how many individuals can access the CQ Network?

No. Your Account Administrator can issue user names to as many of your employees as you wish. For practical purposes, you should restrict access to only those personnel with a genuine need. Please note that all personnel issued that have been issued user names are bound by the User Agreement.

I just input data into the WCB page yet when I returned to it later the data has disappeared. What happened?

The WCB page has specific instructions that must be followed to properly save the data. Once the data has been input to the table, you must click the 'add' button before clicking the 'next button. The statistics page works in a similar way: after inputting the data, you must click the 'update' button before clicking the 'next' button.

What happens to our data if we cancel our CQ Network subscription?

If you have requested cancellation of your CQ Network subscription, all electronic data (online data and electronic documents) is deleted within 48 hours. Hard copy documents are destroyed (shredded) unless specific request and arrangements have been made for their return.

If your subscription fee has not been paid within sixty days of the expiry date, you will no longer be able to access your data or use CQ Network until payment has been received.

How will I know when new owner/client has subscribed with CQ Network? Will I receive notification?

There are several ways to stay on top of new subscribers to CQ Network:

  • Visit the CQ Network home page periodically and scroll down the A - Z list of current subscribers.
  • Periodically visit the 'News' page (accessible from the home page). We will typically welcome major new subscribers in this area. The latest 'news' items appear on the login page as well.
  • Most owner, EPC and general contractor subscribers formally communicate their participation on CQ Network to their existing contractors.

You will receive a system-generated email any time a subscriber releases their questionnaire to you. Likewise, anytime you release your questionnaire to another subscriber they are advised by a system-generated email.

Can we release our information to companies that do not subscribe to the CQ Network database?

No. Companies need to be a subscriber with CQ Network in order to utilize all the features. CQ Network can provide companies with a Client Advisement Letter to send the companies that have requested a prequalification or are currently not a subscriber with CQ Network.

How do I know if a company is a subscriber to CQ Network?

There are two methods:

  1. Look for the company name on the A - Z list on the home page
  2. Login to the database, click on 'subscriber search', scroll the 'subscribers' list
We have recently completed upgrades to our Health and Safety manual. Can we replace the manual that is currently uploaded to CQ Network with the newly revised one?

Yes, you may upgrade / replace documents at any time. Please request a re-evaluation if you believe your upgraded documents will improve your evaluation score.

Is there maximum limit of documents that we can upload to our profile? (i.e. 2005 Safe Work Performer and awards certificate)

We have not established a limit on document uploads at this point. We only ask that the documents be related to the function of 'prequalification' as this is the function of the CQ Network website and database.

Can we provide additional information to improve our evaluation score?

Yes. Subsequent evaluations may be requested on provision of additional information. Please contact with the specifics at the time of submittal.